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Company Valuation

FinancialCraft performs valuations of business entities for, among others, reporting and transactional purposes, mergers and acquisitions, as well as capital increases occurred through contributions in kind, via cash injections or arising from the issues of ordinary shares or of securities.

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FinancialCraft provides services for Polish and foreign entities in the range of accountancy, payroll, financial administration and human resources.

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Intellectual Property Valuation

Intangible assets valuation including trademark, patent, license or invention, e.g. know-how, production technology, etc.

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The third pillar of Financial Craft’s business is conducting comprehensive market and business analyses.  Business assistance for project preparation and implementation as well as consultancy services for private companies and public-sector entities are the important instruments to help our customers to make better decisions. The knowledge and expertise of Financial Craft staff contribute to the further business growth and expansion of our customers and allows them to gain competitive advantage and improve their operations.

Financial Craft provides various services concerning research and analysis including:

  • Due Diligence which covers the detailed examination of a company and its financial records, done before becoming involved in a business arrangement with it.
  • Market analysis that include analysis of competition, business and regulatory environment as well as the identification of business risks.
  • Restructuring Plans with the aim to modify the debt, operations or structure of a company as a means of potentially eliminating financial harm and improving the business.
  • A strategy for commercialization, implemented to select the best scenario for the marketing of an innovative product or technology and to derive economic benefits from it in the most optimal way.
  • Market economy operator test (MEO) to assess whether a public transaction is carrying out the character of an unauthorized public aid.
  • Internationalization strategy, consisting in developing a new business model related to the expansion of the company to foreign markets, including preparation of necessary market analysis in this area.