Expanding business operations into the Polish market

Conducting business activity on a foreign market means knowing the market and having the ability to negotiate a way through the maze of domestic regulations. We can assist anyone intending to sell products on the Polish market with a wide range of issues, relating to entering the market and growing a business in Poland. Our services mainly deal with:

Determining the optimal form for business operations. There are various legal forms in which a business can be operated in Poland. We can advise on the optimal legal form for the business suited to the firm’s strategy, according to the type of business, the scale of the operations, and the legal requirements.

Registering the business, which involves drawing up and filing the relevant documentation with the proper authorities, in particular the National Court Register or Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, the tax office, and statistical office.

Representation before government offices in Poland. Conducting business often involves obtaining permits or certificates, or submitting information to and communication with the responsible regulatory authorities. Depending on the individually agreed arrangement for retention of our services, we can take care of communication regarding these issues.

Accountancy services; keeping complete or abridged accounting records together with an entire tax and financial reporting compliance package, plus human resources and payroll services.

Day-to-day administrative services; activities as per arrangement or a full range of activities relating to drafting for example the relevant documentation, invoices, commercial offers, etc., or assistance in selecting suppliers.

Financial controller and analysis services for clients who expect more and who require up-to-date information about efficiency of their business and about the market on which they operate.

We can communicate in English and in Polish, and can customise all of our services to suit your needs.

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